Monday, June 4, 2012

A Person You Shouldn't Listen to for Gold Advice

When you are reading articles online about gold, make sure you are reading from the right sources.

If you are reading an article about an "expert" calling a top in gold, or claiming that gold is going to crash, do a quick background check before you heed their advice.

My point is that there are many "experts" out there claiming that gold is not a good investing, gold will crash, etc. Looking back at their track record, however, you will find they MADE THE EXACT SAME CALLS BACK IN 2009, 2005, ETC. 


"How Much Gold Do Investors Need? Zero Should Suffice"


This is a Good Environment for Gold Royalty Companies

This is a great, great time for companies like Sandstorm Gold.  More deals ahead?
"RPT-BAY STREET-Royalty firms could spur junior miner deal bonanza
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* Cash-rich royalty companies poised to strike new deals
* Equity market slump puts junior miners in a tough spot
* Developers, juniors, mid-tier miners all vying for funds
By Euan Rocha
TORONTO, June 3 (Reuters) - Royalty companies that raked in cash from strong precious metal prices in the last three years look poised to drive a wave of deal activity in the Canadian mining sector, especially among junior players hungry for financing.

These companies, which fund projects in return for a portion of future revenues, generated huge amounts of cash flow from existing deals as the price of gold and silver soared since the beginning of 2009.

Now, with the recent pullback in precious metal prices and slumping stock markets, they could be the saviors for small and mid-tier miners wh o are eager to grow but strapped for capital.
Europe's debt crisis and slowing Asian growth have tempered banks' appetite for lending. And miners are not keen to issue equity when their share prices are severely depressed, leaving few alternatives to royalty and stream deals for small miners looking to fund project development.

"A lot of the juniors we work with are looking at turning over whatever rock they can in order to get financing. They are exploring it," said Krisztián Tóth, a partner with law firm Fasken Martineau in Toronto.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Schiff on Dismal Jobs Numbers and Gold

His Youtube channel SchiffReport is worth following. Check out his new book also when you get the chance - "The Real Crash."  - It's getting outstanding reviews thus far. 

"The Gold Market had a sharp stocks also surged, HUI up almost 7 percent on the day with the DOW down 2 percent...the mining stocks were swimming against the overall stock market."

"To me, some traders are starting to realize that the dollar is not the safe haven it used to be...more people are starting to come to terms that we're in trouble, too."

Keep an eye on the national debt, folks. We're getting close to that ceiling. Greece is still center stage, but when the United States, the main act, comes front and center, that is really when gold will take off.